Our Eco-Friendly Mission

August 26, 2021
Coffs Coast Mountain Retreat is situated in “Lowanna “which is a part of the Coffs Harbour Region and is situated on 5 acres of subtropical and bush land surroundings, we have left most of the acreage in its untouched natural environment being home to a variety of wildlife in their natural undisturbed habitats.

Coffs Coast Mountain Retreat believes that it is crucial that we show our environment that is our home, the level of care and respect that it deserves by working to help protect the environment by, minimizing all we can to alleviate pollution, and our carbon footprint.

Planning Building
In the planning and Building of the Main House and Coffs Coast Mountain Retreat we designed them to blend in with the natural environment, adding extra charm by using natural materials and utilizing recycled goods wherever possible.

Solar Power
We have since added Solar Power, as well as using energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, turning all power switches, and computers off overnight reducing our power and CO2 emissions, of which we saved over the last year considerably.

Cabins Guests
We also encourage our guests to be energy and water wise by including a few suggestions in each Cabin on how to be energy and water efficient, and by providing Natural, and Eco-friendly cleaning products.

We promote recycling by the supply of reusable makeup wipes, the purchase of recycled products where possible, and appropriate labeled bins supplied in and outside of each cabin, (waste, recycle, rubbish) We also recycle all aluminum cans, bottles, with all proceeds being donated accordingly.
cardboard, papers etc… Recycled Furniture

Waste management
We minimize waste by composting food and paper products for use in gardens, and mulch

• Composts
• 0.250 cubic meter
• Compost Pit
• 0.984 cubic meter

We like to encourage our guests and suppliers to share our environmental concern and implement their own policies and practices to minimize the impact that they have on the environment also.
They to encourage us also while staying and sharing new products, and suggestions.
Native Plants
All trees and shrubs around the Retreat are of course, mostly native to complement the natural surrounds and encourage birds and animals to visit regularly in all areas.
Landscaping by: GH Structural Landscapes
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